We are SMARTHOUSE, an award-winning makers studio based in Amsterdam. Trained and tested in the fires of production, we are here to make it. SMARTHOUSE was born in 2011 as a production company for feature films & documentaries and grew up with making commercials for advertising agencies around the world. We worked for a lot of international brands, like Toyota, Tesla, T-Mobile, Twitter, and many other global brands that don’t start with a ’T’.


In our maker’s studio we work with sustainable brands, the same way we work in film. We develop the script and an annual calendar for your brand with the heads of department (strategist, concept developer, retail specialist, director, spoken word artist, designer, whatever creative creature your brand needs) and you. Then we make it. And monitor the results so we can grow as we go. Call it CMO as a service. Transparent, efficient and liberated from advertising bullshit. Because we want to make films, docs and brands that make people and planet feel/look/love better.

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