Smarthouse is a creative makers studio for brands that make people and planet feel/look/love better. We make strategies that are ready to execute and creative work that is part of a bigger plan. We make it look good and perform even better.


we establish your strategy, build a brand, shape your product, develop marketing campaigns and maximise growth by using data-driven growth-hacking.





In our Smarthouse everybody is a maker, whether you are making a strategy, a campaign or a business. We should all sit at the same table. 

Joining forces makes us faster and smarter. It makes strategies happen and creative work that is always part of a bigger plan. We make it look great and perform even better. 

That is how we grow your brand, and with that your people, your business and your impact.


We work as one team to dig for data and define your brand & product. We immediately get it ready to share with the world. Whether that is with a campaign, on social media or on the shelves of a store.


And we are in it for the long run, not the quick results. That’s why we work through a monthly sprint membership and we are not afraid to invest in what we believe. 


Smarthouse was born in 2011 as a production company for feature films & docs,  grew up with making commercials for advertising agency’s around the world and opened its doors to strategy in 2021 to become a strategic makers shop. 


For brands that make people and planet feel, look or love better.

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