We are SMARTHOUSE, an award-winning studio based in Amsterdam. Trained and tested in the fires of production, we are here to make it. SMARTHOUSE was born in 2011 as a production company for feature films & documentaries and grew up with making commercials for advertising agencies around the world. We worked for a lot of international brands, like Toyota, Tesla, T-Mobile, Twitter, and many other global brands that don’t start with a ’T’.


In our maker’s studio we work with sustainable brands, the same way we work in film. We develop the script and an annual calendar for your brand with the heads of department (strategist, concept developer, retail specialist, director, spoken word artist, designer, whatever creative creature your brand needs) and you. Then we make it and monitor the results so we can grow as we go. Call it CMO as a service. Transparent, efficient and liberated from advertising bullshit. We make films, docs and brands that make people and planet feel/look/love better.
Our chief Smartie who is never afraid to speak out or to break some rules (in the name of Art of course). With her Egyptian-Rotterdam roots, she feels the urge to make things happen but in a slightly more charming way then is common in Rotterdam. As long is it’s beautiful and sincere.
The weird type of GEN-Z
/Millenial/Zennial, or whatever you’ll call it: she’s obsessed with the 60’s series Thunderbirds, color-blocking, and any water-related sport (maybe not Aquarobics, but she will try). She simply wants to direct and produce the hell out of things. Born social and raised by TV. She’ll show your brand some smart-… You want content, she’ll make you content.
Simple 🍑 that.
The Wizzard of Ot, is how he is actually called. Our creative genius that not only masters the bass guitar 🎸, but also plays around with motion graphics & VFX. Design is his thing, wether it is a poster, a website (like the one you are looking at) or a logo. He makes it.
Our queen of Carbonara, office management and social media. She simply loves to be on top of things. With her roots in Italy and her studies in photography, she ads the right flavour to our projects.
Our band leader who actually knows how to sing, heads our studio and its creative creatures.